Yes, the poor and THUS uneducated and THUS low class shop at Wal-Mart because they cannot afford to shop at TARJEY like you YUPPIES who think you have class. What is the point of this app? » 8/03/10 11:17am 8/03/10 11:17am

The eFuse is not about bricking the phone or stopping the user from modding (although it probably effectively will do that as a side effect). The eFuse is about motorolla being able to fix a hardware problem with software. Just read the wikipedia entry for eFuse. » 7/15/10 11:07am 7/15/10 11:07am

@Eulatos: Actually, you don't seem to understand the basic principals of liberty. Just because the mob wants it does not mean that the government should force others to give it to them. » 7/01/10 11:05am 7/01/10 11:05am

@The5thElephant: Well in theory a mixture of Red, Green, and Blue should recreate all the colors, but due to the current shortcomings of their LCD and LED tech, they had to make up for it with a fourth color filter. There really are not more than 3 primary colors as far as I know. » 4/12/10 10:33am 4/12/10 10:33am

@weatherman: You will note that 60 minutes edited his answer. I assume that it can only run on solar power indirectly, from the hydrogen taken from water via solar electrolysis. » 2/24/10 6:37pm 2/24/10 6:37pm

'New York' Mag: Alexandra Polier Excerpt

On Monday, New York mag will publish a long feature by Alexandra Polier. (Earlier this year, various media outlets claimed that Polier had had an affair with Presidential candidate John Kerry.) » 5/28/04 3:00pm 5/28/04 3:00pm

To Do This Weekend: Naked Models and Bad Behavior

· The four-months-after-they-were-formed-were-signed-by-Sub-Pop wunderkinds, The Thermals, will blow your mind tonight at North Six.
· So, all your friends are out of town? Don't sweat it! Now, no one will ever have to know about "the night when you flashed your titties and dry-humped the bouncer at the … » 5/28/04 12:54pm 5/28/04 12:54pm

Paul, Hastings: "Gossips, Backstabbers and Napoleonic Personalities"

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky, and Walker, LLP lost a lawyer yesterday. He won't be returning, either, after his farewell memo. "In fact," he writes, "I dare say that I would rather be dressed up like a pinata and beaten than remain with this group any longer." » 5/28/04 12:31pm 5/28/04 12:31pm

The Revenge of Ms. Poopy Pants

Like Erin O'Brien, the CAA assistant who was fired after her gushy "I work in Hollywood!" story circulated throughout the western world, the story of Ms. Poopy Pants couldn't have spread so far without eager emailers who were willing to spread it. » 5/28/04 11:51am 5/28/04 11:51am

Rules for the LIRR, Memorial Day Weekend

The weather appears to bite ass, but we'll still be bailing the hell out of Manhattan mid-afternoon with the rest of you. (Although, honestly? We might just skip the mad LIRR rush and take in an early showing of Soul Plane, which is sure to be the Citizen Kane of blacksploitation airline industry films. Seriously — … » 5/28/04 9:29am 5/28/04 9:29am

Hate Mail of The Week — Or the Year

The Story of Poopy Pants elicited lots of reader mail — not all of it friendly. In fact, this might be one of the best pieces of hate mail we've ever gotten. There's definitely a job in our offices for its writer whenever she wants. » 5/28/04 9:20am 5/28/04 9:20am

Remainders: Find A.O. Scott's Porn

1. After five heartbreaking years and millions of dollars, Jerry Seinfeld has finally completed his life's work: a five-car garage on the Upper West Side.
2. What heartless French bastard stole NYT film critic A.O. Scott's laptop? And you wouldn't believe how much we'd pay to get our hands on it. You know you wanna… » 5/27/04 6:48pm 5/27/04 6:48pm

Gawker Appoints Special Correspondent on Fashion and Terrorism

In case you only read Gawker — in which case, you're fucked anyway — you've probably heard that you're suppose to prepare yourself for Massive Amounts of Imminent Terrorism. Like, now. Immediately. Whatever! » 5/27/04 3:47pm 5/27/04 3:47pm

The Story of Poopy Pants

We're not naming names, unless the lady herself wants to come forward. We actually think she's a hero — I can't even watch FOX without wanting to crap myself. Can't imagine what would happen to my own bowels if I attended one of their parties. » 5/27/04 1:00pm 5/27/04 1:00pm

Balthazar Revisited

Earlier today, we graphed out the NYT mentions of Balthazar over its seven-year history. But we forgot one important thing — cancelling out the NYT site's search results for alleged actor Balthazar Getty! Doh! As you can see, when Mr. Getty is removed, the resulting graph forms a disturbing face. Surely this has some… » 5/27/04 12:18pm 5/27/04 12:18pm